Reservoir Characterization Project
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Practical Research Projects
for dynamic reservoir characterization
RCP at the Colorado School of Mines
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Integrated problem-solving
with a collaborative team approach

The Reservoir Characterization Project

RCP is an industry-funded geophysical research consortium dedicated to the study of integrated reservoir characterization. RCP’s unique model emphasizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative team approach for practical research and preparation of graduate students. Working closely with industry sponsors, RCP explores new methods and technologies to gain improvements in reservoir performance prediction and optimization. 

Call for Projects - Phase XVII Research

Contact RCP if you have a compelling reservoir study as the next candidate for our integrated research.  Tap into the top geophysics, petroleum engineering and geology departments at CSM to work with your data and your reservoir challenge. Projects are presented for a vote at our spring meeting and research starts July 1, 2017.  


Welcome to our new RCP Director!


Ali Tura joined CSM in December, 2016 as Director of RCP and Professor of Geophysics. His expertise includes research with fiber optic technology, data analytics, seismic data processing and analysis, time-lapse seismic, and rock physics. 

Ali's vision is a close integration of geophysics, engineering and geology faculty and students dedicated to solving complex integrated problems end to end. Prior to joining CSM, Ali served as Senior Geophysical Fellow at ConocoPhillips. He was a founding member of 4th Wave Imaging, a seismic R&D company. Other responsibilities include leading time-lapse seismic reservoir modeling at Chevron and Shell, and amplitude-preserving migration-based AVO analysis at Elf (now Total). 
Contact Ali at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RCP PHASE XVI -- Wattenberg Field, Colorado USA

This project is an unconventional shale reservoir study conducted with field sponsor Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. The research began in 2013 under Phase XV and continues in the current research phase. The study utilizes time-lapse 9-C seismic data, regional seismic, microseismic, geological information, and reservoir engineering and completions information to analyze performance within the Niobrara and Codell Shale reservoirs in a concentrated study area. Gaining a greater understanding of the stimulated reservoir volume and produced reservoir volume will help guide future drilling and completions decisions and help diagnose and predict reservoir performance. 


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