Reservoir Characterization Project
Multi-disciplinary research
Practical Research Projects
for dynamic reservoir characterization
RCP at the Colorado School of Mines
Industry-focused research consortium
Integrated problem-solving
with a collaborative team approach

Welcome Message

"We have to use technology to understand and produce our reservoirs effectively. In doing so we can extend the life of our resources, improve our economic base and manage our resources in an environmentally responsible way."

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-Tom Davis (RCP Director)

About RCP

The Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP) at the Colorado School of Mines is an industry-funded academic consortium with a primary focus on applied research and knowledge dissemination in integrated reservoir characterization. RCP’s unique research model emphasizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative team approach for practical research and preparation of graduate students. RCP works closely with industry partners to explore new technologies and workflows such as time-lapse and multicomponent seismic technology, incorporating all geoscience and engineering data to solve complex reservoir challenges and gain improvements in reservoir performance prediction and development optimization.

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This project is a fractured shale reservoir study. RCP's integrated dynamic reservoir characterization utilizes time-lapse 9-C seismic surveys, microseismic, geology and petroleum engineering information to monitor drainage within the Niobrara and Codell Shale reservoirs for the purpose of optimizing well spacing and hydraulic fracture stimulation. These research results will help diagnose and predict reservoir performance. The field sponsor is Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.