Advisory Council

RCP’s Advisory Council, composed of representatives from the consortium’s members, offers advice and guidance for the consortium’s future research and strategic direction.

  • Kent Andorsen, AkerBP
  • Vladimir Kazai, Aramco
  • Dave Brewster, Bayswater
  • Hermes Malcotti, Chevron
  • Alana Robinson, ExxonMobil
  • Ron Bianco, Fasken Oil and Ranch
  • Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Kuwait Oil Company
  • Grant Byerley, Neptune Energy
  • Klaas Koster, Oxy
  • Luiz Alberto Santos, Petrobras
  • Sandeep Chandola, Petronas
  • Shuang Zhang, Pioneer
  • Youjie Jiang, Sinopec