Jacque Daves

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Jacque Daves

Jacques Daves


Originally From: Parker, Colorado USA
Degree Program at CSM:  MSc Geophysics
Email: jdaves@mymail.mines.edu




In the fall of 2014 I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Geology with an emphasis in Geophysics. During my undergraduate career I did research at my university in earthquake seismology where I looked at seismic events and determined the source. I spent the summer of 2014 in New Mexico studying a portion of the Rio Grande Rift System with the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE-NSF funded, Los Alamos National Lab sponsored).

Following graduation I started my career with Schlumberger’s WesternGeco segment as a Geophysicist processing seismic data. During my career at Schlumberger I completed a multitude of training courses and was able to work on many diverse projects.

After about a year and half at Schlumberger I decided it was time to change pace and pursue my master’s degree at CSM while doing research as part of RCP. My experience at CSM has started to development into a well-rounded Geoscientist. This last spring I was fortunate enough to be on the CSM’s Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) competition team with four students from the Geology department. This competition is an AAPG prospect basin evaluation competition. Our team won the Rocky Mountain Region and went on to compete at internationals. 

This last summer I was a Geoscience Intern at BHP. My intern project consisted of characterizing existing discoveries in deep-water Gulf of Mexico to build a petroleum systems model that was then extended into prospecting and determining the hydrocarbon potential in the shallow stratigraphy. The characterization of existing discoveries consisted of sub-regional mapping, well log interpretation, geochemical analysis, basin model interpretation, literature review, structural reconstruction to understand the formation of mini-basins, seismic attribute analysis and a coarse AVO screening for Class III anomalies. 


After spending some time processing seismic I began to wonder what happened next with the data. My research interests lie within that broad spectrum. I am interested in the whole reservoir characterization process. These interests include microseismic analysis, analyzing amplitude vs. offset (AVO analysis), seismic interpretation, integration of geoscience with engineering and gaining a more in-depth theoretical understanding of seismic processing, especially depth imaging and anisotropy.


I love spending time with my friends and family, looking at rocks while hiking in the mountains, reading anything and everything and traveling.


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