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RCP in the Spotlight

Graduating Spring and Summer 2018

RCP congratulates Mitra Azizian, Tom Bratton, Matthew Bray, Tingting Chen, Matthew Copley, Jacque Daves, Erdinc Eker, Andrew Johnson, Paul El Khoury, Samara Omar, Isabel White, and Noor Wibowo, who have completed degree requirements and will graduate in the Spring and Summer of 2018.

Congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for a successful future!

Jacque Daves, RCP Geophysics MSc candidate, will present a poster presentation at the upcoming EAGE conference in Copenhagen this June. The title of her talk is "Shear-wave reflection signal recovery through horizontal-geophone azimuth estimation."

Yanrui Ning, recent RCP PE PhD graduate, gave a talk at the April 2018 SPE conference in Tulsa, OK. Her talk was titled "Ethane-enriched Gas Injection EOR in Niobrara and Codell:  A Dual-porosity Compositional Model."

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