Who We Are

RullisonThe Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP) at Colorado School of Mines is an industry-funded academic consortium with a primary focus on applied research in integrated reservoir characterization.

RCP's unique research model emphasizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative team approach for practical research and preparation of graduate students. RCP works closely with industry partners to explore new technologies and workflows including time-lapse and multicomponent seismic technology to achieve more effective reservoir management. 

RCP sponsor companies vote to select candidate fields for each phase of research. The operating company has active involvement in the research and analyses, collaborating with student researchers and RCP professors to achieve the goals and objectives for the research.  Investigations utilize an integrated framework of data, including new seismic acquisition to gain valuable insights and achieve improvements in reservoir performance prediction and development optimization.

RCP graduates are some of the most sought-after new hires in the industry.  Students are well prepared to hit the ground running, with a practical understanding of the key contributions of geology, geophysics, geomechanics and engineering to better perform reservoir characterization.


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