Sheila Harryandi

Sheila Harryandi


Originally from: Indonesia
Degree Program: MS Geophysics




I received a Bachelor degree in Geophysical Engineering with Minor in Geology from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, in 2010. I did an internship for Chevron Indonesia, before I got hired as a full time geophysicist, working on Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) - one of Chevron’s major capital project in Kutei Basin area. I was then moved to Deepwater Exploration Department for the last 2.5 years, working mostly on Prospects Maturation (Seismic Interpretation and AVO analysis). After 4.5 years working with the company, I decided to pursue my MSc degree in Geophysics - Colorado School of Mines. 


I have entered my second year in RCP, particularly working on inversion of 3D multi-component seismic data of Anatoli, Wattenberg Field Colorado. The research will be focused on static reservoir characterization, understanding the lateral heterogeneity within regional scale of Wattenberg and how it affects the production and completion.


Having lived in a tropical country for so long, I was really into scuba diving. Now in Colorado I enjoy hiking and finding new places to explore, although I’m not too excited about the winter. I’m also interested in watching some awesome music concerts in Denver.


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