Project Selection

Project Selection – How Does It Work?

Our projects are made possible through close collaboration with our sponsors. Sponsors have direct involvement in the research project selection with RCP’s unique process. 

Member sponsors vote to select a project from the candidates proposed for the upcoming research phase. Sponsoring E&P companies propose their own reservoir development projects as candidates for a reservoir characterization field study. Voting sponsors learn the details and benefits of each potential research project with presentations at a sponsor meeting. Sponsors vote on their top choices for the upcoming phase.     

Once selected, the field operator and RCP’s team collaborate to set clear research goals and outcomes. The field sponsor often provides seismic and related data for the research, along with a commitment for collaboration.  

What’s in a Phase?

A Phase of research is designed to run 2-1/2 years. Many recent phases have spanned two phases of research, for example Phase XV and XVI, with a project at Wattenberg Field, Colorado USA.  

Our talented RCP graduate students work as a team to focus on integrated reservoir characterization of the field under study. Individual student projects are complimentary to the overall goals of the projects, with the integration of geophysics, geology, geomechanics, and petroleum engineering. 

RCP’s field research reflects the interests of our sponsors, offering insights and advancements applicable to a broad range of reservoir challenges relevant to today’s industry.

New sponsors may join at any time.  Phase XVII began July 1, 2017. 


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