Paul El Khoury

Paul El Khoury


Hometown: Kfarchima, Lebanon
Degree Program: PhD Geophysical Engineering, minor in Geology 




In January 2015, I joined RCP to pursue my PhD in geophysical engineering, expected to graduate by May 2018. My research focuses on characterizing the Ordovician Red River Formation pre-CO2 flood facies and natural fracture network in the Cabin Creek Field, Montana, USA. In addition, I hold a MS in geophysics (May 2015) from Colorado School of Mines and a BE in mechanical engineering with high distinction (June 2012) from American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

My academic achievements includes the Graduate Distinguished Award in 2012, 7 times on Dean’s Honor List during my undergraduate studies, and ExxonMobil Full MENA scholarship to pursue my MS at CSM. Finally, I have completed internships at Denbury Resources, CenturyLink, Landmark Software and Services – Halliburton in USA and Schlumberger in Egypt.


My thesis workflow includes developing a unique rock physics model, petrophysical sensitivity analysis, structural interpretation, facies classification using joint impedance and facies inversion (Ji-Fi) and simultaneous inversion of prestack seismic data combined with Bayesian classification, and finally, fracture analysis by examining amplitude variation with angle and azimuth. The product of my work will be utilized to design and optimize the CO2 flood.

Furthermore, my academic interests are to integrate multidisciplinary approaches in geophysics, geology, and engineering to characterize a given reservoir. Graduate projects included reservoir simulation related to 2D isothermal pressure equation with rock deformation and 3D waterflood simulation using 7pt (cubic) and 27 pt (rhombicuboctahedron) discretization, 3D seismic structural interpretation and attribute analysis on single and time-lapse multicomponent datasets to monitor the Paluxy and Tuscalusa sands, and outcrop stratigraphic investigation on Fountain Fm, Lyons Fm and Muddy (“J”) sandstones in Morrison, CO.


I enjoy exploring new places, hiking, and nature scenery photograph. So far, I accomplished 6 14ers. I love cooking, mainly Mediterranean cuisines especially Lebanese, as well as baking all sorts of desserts. I enjoy strategy and challenging group board games and in my free time I follow the world news to stay up to date with major political and global issues.

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