Erdinc Eker

Erdinc Eker


Hometown: Ankara, Turkey
Degree Program: PhD in Petroleum Engineering




I earned by BS and MS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU) and I specialized in Reservoir Engineering.

Just after graduation I began work at Schlumberger as a Wireline Engineer assigned to various locations including Turkey, Morocco, and offshore Black Sea for 6 years. In the Fall 2013 I started my PhD at the Colorado School of Mines in the Petroleum Engineering department, and I will work at the RCP Wattenberg Field Project.


My academic interests are mainly multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems in earth sciences, as I did in my MS thesis research on a similar subject which deals with the fluid flow problems with fractures using the cellular automaton techniques. In my PhD study I will work on the integration methods for 4D seismic and reservoir fluid flow dynamics to simulate fluid flow in unconventional reservoirs.


My research focuses on dynamic reservoir characterization by integrating the seismic data with reservoir simulation in fractured shale reservoirs in the Wattenberg field. I will mainly deal with hydraulic fracturing simulation modelling using dual porosity and a discrete fracture network approach. I will work on reservoir engineering and simulation parts of this project as part of the multidisciplinary team of geophysicists, geologists, and petroleum engineers. 


I like outdoor sports like hiking or mountain biking. I believe that Colorado is the best place in the world for this, but also I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.


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