Aleksei Titov

Alexi Titov

Originally From: St. Petersburg, Russia

Degree Program at Mines: PhD in Geophysics





In 2014, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Two years later I earned my Master of Science degree in Physics from the same university. The main area of my research was physical and numerical modeling of Ground Penetrating Radar signal propagation. Also, I have actively participated in field work using different electromagnetic and seismic methods. I have worked in such places as Lapland (Finland), Egypt, and at a polar research station in Russia. To develop my research career further I have decided to continue my education in the USA. I joined the RCP team in the Fall 2017. I wanted to come to RCP to develop the application of fiber optics geophysics.


My research interests focus on fiber optics geophysics and its application for reservoir characterization. In particular, they include processing, numerical modeling and quantitative analysis of Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) data. I will perform quantitative DAS data analysis for several projects, which help to provide new understanding of DAS data.


I like to explore new places around the world with my wife. Colorado state gives us outstanding possibilities to do that. Besides traveling I enjoy playing piano, guitar or button accordion (or bayan in Russian). I like everything related with aviation and aerospace technologies and want to receive a Private Pilot License in the future.


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