Ahmed Alfataierge

Ahmed Alfataierge


Originally From: Saudi Arabia
Degree Program at Mines: MSc Geophysics
Email: alfataierge@mymail.mines.edu




I graduated from the University of Houston in 2009 with a BS in Geophysics. Following my graduation, I worked with Saudi Aramco for several years on conventional oil and gas fields within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During 2012-2013, Saudi Aramco nominated me to work and train with Schlumberger on different unconventional exploration and development operations within the US. After Successfully completing my work assignment with Schlumberger, I returned to Saudi Aramco to be a part of the Unconventional Resource Exploration and Development team. I decided to continue my education in multidisciplinary studies after several years of working on the first shale wells within Saudi Arabia to help gain more insight into the complexity of unconventional reservoirs. 


I plan to integrate my knowledge in geophysical seismic characterization with reservoir modeling to establish a dynamic reservoir model over the Niobrara Shale within Wattenberg Field. The goal of my project is to characterize the changes in geomechanical properties within the reservoir before and after hydraulic fracturing.


During my free time I enjoy hanging out with my family, traveling across the US on road trips, and most recently snowboarding within the Rocky Mountain during the winter months. Most of my free time is now spent with my newborn little boy “Faisal” who enjoys nice walks in the park and spending time with his parents.


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