Abdullah Nurhasan

Abdullah Nurhasan


Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Citizenship: Indonesia
Degree Program: PhD
Occupation: Pertamina E&P
Email: Nurhasan@mines.edu



Abdullah completed his undergraduate education from the University of Indonesia in 2007 and immediately continued to graduate school at the same university while starting his career at Pertamina E&P as an Exploration Geoscientist. He graduated with a masters in Geophysics in 2010. Being an explorationist not only gave him chances to apply his geophysical education but also gave him additional knowledge about geology and drilling operations. In the four years of experience at Pertamina, Abdullah worked on several basins and reservoir types. He has been involved in the early steps of exploration planning such as seismic survey design to early development planning like production design. Among those jobs, reservoir characterization is the activity Abdullah loves the most. His undergraduate thesis was about artificial neural networks to distribute porosity logs using seismic data.


Abdullah is currently building a petrophysics model thoughout the Wattenberg merged 3D seismic area. The goal is to learn the distribution of petrophysics properties for each chalk and marl body. He believes that the well density within the 50 square miles is adequate to build the model with sufficient vertical and lateral resolution. The model will be helpful for further seismic model as the individual chalk and marl bodies are below the seismic vertical resolution. Abdullah incorporates kriging and sequential simulation to build the model.


Photography is Abdullah’s hobby along with travelling and trying various spicy foods. He has also started playing golf. He is now addicted to bicycling, running and snowboarding. 


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